Why Apple’s new iWatch 2 is a step backwards for the Apple Watch

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Apple has announced a new smartwatch that isn’t a completely new product but does offer some big changes that will have some people concerned.

First up, the watch itself.

The new iWings are much smaller than the original iWatch, and have thinner bezels than the iWatch’s display, making it much easier to hold.

The iWatch has two different screens: a larger, 2.2-inch screen that sits on the back of the watch and an 8-inch, 538 x 1080 display that sits at the front of the device.

Both screens are connected to the iPhone app for quick navigation, Apple Pay, and other things, though the bigger display has an additional 5.8mm jack for charging.

The first major change in the new watch is the new face.

While it’s a more conventional face, it’s still very similar to the previous model.

The most obvious difference is that the iWights screen is now covered by a glass layer that wraps around the face and is actually much thinner than before.

The new iCers look similar to what we’ve seen in previous Apple watches, and it looks good, with a nice soft and shiny finish and a slightly curved design.

The display is still curved, but the edges are slightly rounded to make it look thinner.

Both the display and the back are covered with a thick, matte silicone layer.

It’s still pretty thin, but it’s not as thick as before.

I actually prefer the original design, as it’s much easier on the eyes and feels a little more like an actual watch than a digital watch.

The main differences between the two screens are the new interface and the watch’s new look.

The UI has a much more traditional look and feels very familiar, with the icons and icons you can swipe from on the sides of the screen being the only ones that don’t look like something you would expect to see on an iPhone or iPad.

The watch’s interface is also very familiar: it’s pretty much the same as the interface that you’ll see on most Android Wear smartwatches, and I found that the main way to get access to the most important information was by tapping on the big buttons that were next to each of the icons.

I think the design has a lot to do with that, though, as the buttons themselves are fairly narrow and are very hard to reach with your finger.

In terms of the new design, Apple has taken cues from Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which offers a pretty similar look to the new Apple Watch.

While the new iGets are still a bit larger, the new screen is slightly more rectangular, with more rounded edges, and they also include a new “slide” feature.

It turns the watch into a phone, and you can slide the screen to unlock it.

This is great if you’re on a plane, or just don’t want to put your phone in your pocket for a long time.

You can also flip the screen open by tapping the “Slide” button on the right side of the phone.

This lets you quickly open the phone’s camera, or turn it on/off, or make calls and notifications.

While the new UI is very familiar and familiar, it is also a bit more complicated than Samsung’s, especially when you get to the apps.

For example, in the app for Apple Pay and Apple Music, you’ll find the same Apple Pay app as in Samsung’s Watch app, which is a huge upgrade.

The app’s interface still feels familiar, but you’ll have to be very careful to get to all of the important features and functions without going to the full app.

There are a few more things that I didn’t find myself using, though.

There’s no built-in music player, for example, though you can stream music from your iPhone or Android device through the watch.

There is a separate music app, but its music player is not as good as its on Samsung’s Gear.

Lastly, there’s no way to save your progress with the app, although you can still create a backup of your progress.

There are a lot of things that you can do with the new iPhone apps, but I didn.

Apple Pay is the most obvious one, and Apple Pay works well in all of Apple’s apps.

It works as expected, with transactions processed and your credit card info verified.

Apple Music and iMovie also work well, and in some cases, Apple’s own apps do too.

I also didn’t really use any of the apps, though I found some things like AirPlay work well with some of them.

Apple is working on some new apps for Apple Watch, but these won’t be available until sometime this summer.

Apple Watch is also getting an update to the watch face, which will be a lot thinner than the old one.

The watch will come with a new software interface, and new apps are also coming.

The biggest change for me

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