Medical students need to think beyond the current healthcare paradigm

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A medical student has suggested a shift in thinking and is planning to launch a new medical course which will focus on using technology to improve patient outcomes.

The Medical Sciences University (MSU) is set to launch an online course in the next few months called Mindset Medicine which aims to explore how technology can be used to deliver better outcomes for patients, said Professor Praveen Chahal, vice president of research and development.

It will focus not only on the use of technology for improving health, but also on how it can help people live healthier lives, he said.

“The course will aim to look at how technology plays a role in improving health and how we can apply it in practice,” he said, adding that the course would be offered in conjunction with the University of Illinois.

Chahal said MSU had recently conducted a study of 1,000 medical students to see how the current medical system could be changed to be more effective.

“We have to think differently, we have to look beyond the existing systems and try to develop new ones.

We can do this if we have the right mindset,” he added.

The course aims to teach the student the importance of using technology in a holistic way.

“There are so many facets of medicine, such as the delivery of medical care and the health management, and it is not just one area that is dealt with by a specific technology,” he explained.

“So, if you are a physician and you see that you have an acute illness, you can’t just do the traditional approach, you need to see that all of the parts of your healthcare system are working and functioning properly.”

Dr Ramesh Kumar, the chief executive of the American Society of Nephrology, said technology was now an increasingly important part of the healthcare system.

“Technology has changed so much since we started seeing doctors in the 1970s,” he told the Financial Times.

“What we have seen is the importance to use technology to manage the various aspects of health care.”

The use of wearable technology, for example, is increasing as more people move into the digital age, he added, noting that technology is also being used to help people with conditions such as dementia.

“Nowadays, the world is moving towards using a lot of technology to deliver healthcare.

But in the medical arena, we are still focused on the traditional ways of treating patients, so the technology will have to evolve,” he concluded.

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