How to build a secure app: How to secure your mobile software

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By James SmithThe world’s top mobile software developer is about to get a big push to make sure its apps are safe.

Apple is set to unveil its new mobile security platform on Tuesday, and it’s one of the first companies to officially join the new platform, which aims to ensure users are protected against cyberattacks.

Apple has been working on a secure iOS platform for years, and Apple Pay, a payment solution, is already on the platform.

But the company is introducing a new version of its mobile security framework, which will be unveiled on Tuesday.

It will be a “major, major milestone” for Apple, said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

“The future of mobile security will be built on Apple’s security.”

The company said the new version will be called iOS 8, and will bring with it more secure security features than those found in the company’s current mobile platform, iOS 7.

It’s still unclear how secure the new iOS 8 will be, or how many features Apple will be introducing.

Apple declined to say how much it will cost for the new security platform.

The company has been busy working on the new OS in the past few months.

Last week, the company released a new set of apps called iOS Security and Security Update 2.2 that will be released in early 2018.

Apple says the new software will include a “Security View” that will let users better understand their device and how to prevent attacks.

Apple says the Security View can be used to quickly view and review existing security settings, including how to make changes to your device or apps, and which security policies should apply.

“Apple has worked hard to make iOS Security View a great tool to help protect your device, and we are very proud of the work that we have done to improve security on our platform,” Cook said.

“We’ve also made sure the Security Views help you understand how your apps are being used and how security settings affect your privacy and security.”

Apple is not the first tech company to try to improve the security of its apps.

Last year, Facebook released a tool called AppLock that added new security features, including better encryption of app data and a new “Trust” feature that will automatically approve apps based on the user’s trustworthiness.

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