Microsoft has added a new ‘Microsoft Certification’ certification to its training programme

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Microsoft has launched a new certification that it says can help people manage more efficiently.

The Microsoft Certification in Microsoft Software (MCS) programme, which was first introduced in 2016, now covers more than 1,000 courses in Microsoft Office, Windows and Windows Server.MCS offers more than a year of practical training on how to work in Microsoft’s software development environment, which is designed to provide professionals with a sense of security, confidence and control.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that it had introduced the certification to help people “make the most of their career opportunities and be confident about their work”.

“We believe that learning the right Microsoft software is the foundation for any business, whether you’re a new hire, an experienced IT professional, a junior or senior IT manager, a teacher, or a parent,” Microsoft said.

“We offer certification programs for more than 10,000 Microsoft products and services, and the Microsoft certification program provides more than 100,000 hours of training to help you manage your business better.”

The MCS certification is a great way to help prepare you for a career in software development, and you’ll learn a lot about how Microsoft processes and delivers its software.

“The Microsoft certification programme can be applied to a range of roles, including software developers, software administrators, software testers, and other IT professionals.

The company said that the courses offered by the programme were designed to meet the needs of “business and technical professionals”, and it offered an online version of the courses for “every IT professional who needs to work with their own software development team”.

The company is also introducing a new online certification course called Microsoft Software Management Certification (MSMCC) that aims to help businesses improve their software delivery and deployment processes.MSM CC aims to “build on the existing MCS certificate path”, and offers more hands-on learning opportunities, the company said.

Microsoft has launched the MCS programme for a limited time.

Anyone who wants to get a free copy of the programme will have to sign up for the free trial period, but if they don’t want to pay for the course they can sign up to the MCC online course and continue to learn in a self-paced environment. 

Microsoft’s MSMCC certification is available to students who have an undergraduate or postgraduate certificate from Microsoft, and it covers the course material that comes with a full course of study.

The MSC certification is one of a number of training programmes offered by Microsoft to help IT professionals get ready for a more secure and productive workplace.

Microsoft previously launched a training programme for software developers in 2016 and the company has been working with organisations around the world to improve their ability to deal with security threats, including cyber-attacks, ransomware and data breaches.

In the first year of the MSC programme, Microsoft had an estimated 1.2 million people sign up, but this number is likely to grow as the programme expands.

Microsoft’s software developer certification programme aims to provide more hands on learning opportunities to people with more traditional education. 

The company has also been working on a certification for healthcare IT professionals to help them manage their healthcare systems and to make sure their IT systems are protected from cyber-threats.

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