Australia’s most valuable software developer

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The world’s most valued software developer was a Melbourne-based IT specialist who was paid $13 million in a $1.5 billion deal in October last year, a court has heard.

The man, who was listed as an associate of a company called TPM Technologies, said in a statement that he was the victim of a political vendetta that was orchestrated by his former employer, the state Labor government.

“I have been subjected to a concerted campaign of harassment and intimidation by my former employer for the last six years,” he said.

“This has left me with chronic pain and depression, and my work is now in jeopardy.”

The man said he had been under pressure to make a profit from his business since leaving the firm in 2013, when he became a full-time employee.

“As an associate with TPM, I have been targeted by my employer for six years for the sole purpose of keeping TPM profitable,” he wrote in the statement.

“The attack on my livelihood and reputation is designed to destroy my business and make me a target of further harassment.”

In September last year TPM CEO Andrew Wylie told the ABC that he believed the company had been “targeted by a political party and its minions”.

He said the company was “actively exploring a possible merger with another company”.

“The Government has been trying to find ways to force me to sell TPM and have this deal come into force,” he told the broadcaster.

“My wife and I have worked on this for six and a half years.

We have not been asked to do anything that has harmed TPM.”‘

We were trying to build the next Facebook’The man’s statement said TPM was a company with a “unique mission and vision” and that its software was being used to help improve the lives of millions of Australians.

“While TPM’s software is used by millions of people worldwide, we have had to fight hard to remain relevant and innovative, and we are continuing to do so,” the statement said.

Mr Wylioe said he was not aware of any evidence that he had breached any laws.

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