Software assessment courses, medical software courses to be offered in Washington

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The Washington State Department of Health and Human Services is offering software assessment courses to all qualified medical professionals, including nurses, physicians and dental hygienists.

The program is part of a larger statewide initiative that will cover software analysis, coding and data collection in all occupations.

The initiative also will include training for students in the state’s new electronic medical record system, which is expected to be implemented by 2021.

The state is seeking to recruit software developers, designers and other skilled workers who can use software to help make health care more efficient, secure and affordable.

The online training, which will include online assessments of courses offered by schools and health organizations, will begin in January and will include software development and assessment tools.

The programs will be taught in both English and Mandarin, and students will be required to have a bachelor’s degree.

The goal is to attract more students to the state to take these courses.

It also will help recruit qualified candidates, said Dr. Paul Jobe, an assistant professor at the University of Washington.

“We want to get more of these young people in the system and get them in the workforce.”

The state also is recruiting a medical technology company to create software that will help track and report data about patients and other health-care providers.

It will offer software that would help people access and track data that is collected and shared through online health care platforms, like

The company will also provide a computer software package that will allow health-service providers to better manage their records and to access health-related information.

The HealthCare software, which could be used in any state, is expected by 2021 to provide data that can be used to better help health-services providers manage patient and health-insurance information.

The program is designed to help state governments better monitor the health of the general public, said Julie M. Zylstra, an HHS spokeswoman.

The health agency’s HealthCare initiative was designed to recruit qualified people and train them to perform specific tasks.

It is a pilot program designed to make health-systems more efficient.

“Healthcare and other public sector workers are our backbone,” Zylsla said.

“The data is going to help us get our people on our side, not just on the front line.”

The program has been in the works for several years, and the state began looking into it in May.

About 5,500 students have taken the online assessment courses.

The training will be offered at health care organizations across the state and is expected start in January.

About 10,000 students will take the online courses at health institutions across the country.

It could take several years to complete the program.

The state is partnering with Microsoft to produce the software.

“We’re excited to offer this innovative, statewide program that will ensure we have the best and brightest from across the health- care system to work on our nation’s most complex and important healthcare challenges,” Gov.

Jay Inslee said in a statement.

The new software program will not require the state or its health system to pay for it.

The costs are paid for by the students, but the state will pay for training for state employees, officials said.

The effort is part the statewide effort to make more information accessible to patients and health care providers.

That includes expanding online health information to more providers and creating more state-of-the-art data centers for health data, officials say.

The new software will allow state employees to access the data, the health agency said.

“This is a very exciting program and a great way to start a conversation about data in health care,” Inslee added.

“I hope to see more and more states join us in making health information available to our people.”

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