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By David RiedelPublished November 17, 2017 11:12:12Course Bookers app for Apple and Android lets you book courses with your smartphone and use them as templates. 

For the first time ever, this software allows you to create your own courses on your device. 

The software is free and the free version has been downloaded over 100,000 times. 

You can choose to download the free, trial version of the app and start using it for free or pay for a paid version.

You can then download the full version and use it for commercial use, like courses that you take. 

Some courses, like the ‘Make Your Own’ one, require you to purchase materials from the app store.

The software, which can be downloaded from Google Play, is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. 

It is available for both Android and Apple devices. 

To create a course, you will need to enter your course details and an option to create a free or paid version of your course. 

Once you’ve created your free or trial version, you can use the free software to create and edit your courses.

You’ll then need to install Blender and create a template for your course that will then be saved to the cloud.

Once you create a new template for a course that has already been created, you’ll see the results on your computer, along with a short description. 

This is where you can select a few options from a dropdown menu and then choose which options to apply. 

Then, you get to edit the template, create your name, course number, course title, course content, and upload it to the Course Booker website.

Once the template is uploaded to the website, you need to set up your email address and password to access your course and to save the course template for future reference. 

Here are the links to download Blender for Android and iOS. 

In the UK, it is available as a free download, but you will have to pay £2.99 per year to download it. 

On Android, you do need to register for an account with Blender to use the app, but it is free. 

Blender for iPhone is also free.

You’ll need to create an account and download Blenders app. 

If you’re using the free Blender app, you may need to login to your account. 

After you login, you then need the ‘Blender Starter’ account for use on Blender’s website. 

Finally, you have to download ‘CourseBooker Lite’ for the free app, which has the ‘Coursebooker’ template. 

CourseBookers app on the Blender website.

CourseBookers is also available on the App Store. 

We’ve used the Blendercamp app for free for several years.

The app is a free, open source software that allows you and your students to create courses. 

Each of the course templates you create can then be downloaded, edited and saved on your smartphone or tablet. 

Using the app is simple. 

Choose your courses, upload them to the Blenders website, select your course template, choose the option to save it, then choose your options from the menu and save. 

At the end of the process, the course will be saved as a .zip file on your phone or tablet, and the ‘App Store’ version will be available.

If you choose the free trial version and decide to use it, you only need to pay $1.99 for a 30-day trial.

If, however, you choose to use a paid trial version that includes a course booker app, the software will cost you $4.99, plus $2.00 per month for a year, or $6.99 annually.

If a course has been created and uploaded, the app will display a ‘Complete Course’ notification when the course is uploaded. 

As well as saving your course for future use, the CourseBooker app also allows you access to the course creator’s course history, so you can view when your course was created and when it was last modified. 

By the end, you could have up to 300,000 completed courses saved for you to view.

There are no strings attached. 

And if you’ve ever used Blender, you’ve seen how easy it is to make changes to the template and to edit it in the Blends.

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