Cash is worth £300,000 after cash course software course ends

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A cash course for the first time in the UK has earned a record £300m for the IT firm behind it.

The cash course was launched on Sunday as part of a deal between Irish IT firm Houdini Software and the National College of the Arts and Sciences (NCAS) in Dublin.

The deal saw Houdinis’ cash software programme for IT professionals – known as CDAC – become the first to be offered in the country.

The first cash course to be run by Houdinis software course and its software suite, CDAC Cash, was launched at the College of Computing in Dublin this morning.It costs €1,000 to take the course and it has been running since the autumn of last year.

The course includes online course materials, lectures, videos and a number of practical exercises.

The course was designed to train the next generation of IT professionals.

It has been funded by the NCAS, the College’s Technology Fund, the Arts Council of Ireland and the Fine Arts Council.

The Irish Times understands that about 90% of the money has gone to the NCAs investment.

There are a number who will be eligible to take this course, but the vast majority of students will not.

The company has said that it is confident it can make the course profitable by the end of the year.

The NCAS says it has received £1.1m in funding from the Irish Government, €1.2m from the National Lottery Fund and €1m from various sources including the Arts Alliance, the Fine Gael-Labour Party, the Irish Water Corporation and the Irish Housing Foundation.

The organisation has said the first round of funding was a major success.

The College of Computer Science at Trinity College, Dublin, has a history of producing some of the countrys top-tier software.

It has been one of the leaders in software for the NHS and the Department of Transport.

The National College is one of Ireland’s most prestigious engineering schools.

It is a non-profit body that runs the IT skills programme for the university’s students and employs more than 20,000 people.

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