Telstra launches its first Internet TV service, with ‘Skycatcher’ video service

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Telstra announced today that it is launching its first broadband TV service in India.

The company said it will offer its “Skycatchers” service to users of its popular Telstra TV app.

Telstra said it had signed up to the Indian TV and Internet TV Association, which has been running the country’s biggest telecom competition.

Telstra will also have a tie-up with Airtel, which is offering a similar offering.

Skycatters will offer the same “featured” services as other Telstra services, including voice calls, internet TV, and more.

Telstar has also partnered with a local media network in India to offer TV channels that will be streamed in Telstra’s new service.

The move is a big win for Telstra as it is trying to tap into the Indian market.

The telco has been trying to expand its TV and internet business in India for years, and the company said this was the first time that it was offering a service that was built around a local Indian broadcaster.

The new service is called Skycatchers, and it’s the company’s first attempt to bring a local local broadcaster to the telco’s online TV service.

Telstar has been offering such services since at least 2014, but it was only available in India and Pakistan.

Tels customers will get the same TV service as those who pay Telstra for internet and voice services, Telstra said in a statement.

Skycats customers will also get an “online video streaming service” with “customers-only” access to the company and its content, which will include news and current affairs programming.

SkyCatchers customers will have access to all Telstra content, including the company TV channels and movies.

The “Skycats” service will be available starting in India on April 30, and then expand to other markets by the end of the year, the company added.

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