The ‘digital renaissance’ is here – but is it happening faster than we think?

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We’ve already had a lot of excitement over the launch of Microsoft’s ‘Digital Renaissance’ initiative and now it seems Microsoft has hit a new milestone, with the company announcing a new course to help developers create software that uses machine learning.

 According to the course, ‘Software Development in AI’ will be a new, open source course that covers “AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and the latest technologies in computer vision, deep learning, and deep learning models, with an emphasis on applications.”

The course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of AI and deep neural networks, and then move on to discuss “the future of AI, deep neural network, machine learning, machine vision, and more.”

It is also meant to “provide the foundational knowledge for software developers who want to be able to write high-quality applications for real-world applications in AI, machine-learning, deep-learning models, and artificial intelligence.”

In addition to the courses content, Microsoft will be offering a free trial for those interested.

The course was first announced at the IBM Open Summit in July and is designed as an open source toolkit for developers to get started with the development of their AI-related applications.

As a developer, I think that it is important to learn about the concepts that AI, neural networks and deep-learned models are built on, and that we have the skills to take these concepts to the next level.

We can create AI applications that are useful for real users and also, of course, for the world.

So, we have a long way to go to build the AI that we can all be proud of, as developers.

As a developer of AI systems, I want to help other developers to do that too.

We are all looking at this space from different angles, and it is the way forward for AI in the coming years. 

The course also makes an implicit plea to students to think about how they can apply the principles they are learning to real-life applications.

While the course will teach students to build software that will be used for real world tasks, it is also designed to encourage developers to use the tools they are building to solve real-time problems that might be difficult or impossible to solve using traditional AI.

Microsoft also revealed a new suite of tools for developers at the conference that will give them the ability to test out AI applications in real time.

These tools are called ‘continuous evaluation’ tools and will allow developers to test and validate their AI applications against the real-live data from the real world.

The new tools will allow users to “make and deploy rapid and efficient use of AI to improve the accuracy and reliability of data processing, analysis, and visualization in real-estate, transportation, healthcare, and finance.” 

Microsoft is also planning to release more of the courses in the near future.

The company says that its courses will be available to developers in early 2018 and it will be possible to apply to become a Microsoft Developer Partner.

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