What are the top free online courses for kids?

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With the advent of free software and open source software, kids are getting their hands on a lot of different software courses.

But which free software courses are really worth your time?

In the latest edition of BBC Sport’s Top Free Software courses, we’ve rounded up a list of free online software courses for a variety of different ages and backgrounds.

We’ve taken the top courses from schools and universities, and we’ve also put together our own picks for your consideration.

As we’re not always the best at naming things, here’s what we’ve decided to put together for your viewing pleasure:Free Online Software Courses for Kids1.

Udemy’s Udemy Learn Free is a free, self-paced online course for learning new things and using software.2.

Learn to Code, the free online coding course from, aims to teach kids the basics of coding and the programming language.3.

Coursera is a platform for teachers and students to share their knowledge and collaborate to make it more accessible and fun for all.4.

Code Academy is a place for developers to share code and help each other to improve.5.

Free online courses from and aim to teach you the fundamentals of programming, coding standards and software development.6. is an online coding bootcamp that offers courses in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and more.7.

Free web development courses from Udemy, Code Academy and

Learn To Code, a free web development course from Udemon.9.

Code Bootcamp is a bootcamp for learning web development skills, aimed at kids.10.

Code Mastery is a full-time online program, for adults, for anyone interested in web development.11.

Free and Open Source Software, an online education for learning and applying software technologies.12.

Learn how to make a website from scratch, using HTML, CSS and Javascript.13.

Codebase is a JavaScript framework that can be used to build websites.14.

CodeBuddy is a set of free coding tutorials from Code Academy.15.

Learn JavaScript through interactive lessons with JavaScript tools.16.

Learn HTML5 and CSS with the open source Foundation toolkit.17.

Learn Python with Python, a Python extension to the Ruby scripting language.18.

Learn jQuery with jQuery, a jQuery extension to jQuery.19.

Learn the basics with JQuery.js, a JavaScript library for building web apps with JavaScript.20.

Learn CSS with CSS Selector.21.

Learn NodeJS and Node.js with Node.JS IDE.22.

Learn Ruby on Rails with Rails IDE.23.

Learn Web Development in 3 days with Ruby on Ruby.24.

Learn MongoDB with MongoDB IDE.25.

Learn PHP with PHP IDE.26.

Learn React with React IDE.27.

Learn Swift with Swift IDE.28.

Learn Django with Django IDE.29.

Learn AngularJS with AngularJS IDE and the official docs.30.

Learn MySQL with MySQL IDE.31.

Learn Laravel with Laravel IDE.32.

Learn ASP.NET Core with ASP.

Net Core IDE.33.

Learn Apache HttpClient with Apache Hapi IDE.34.

Learn Go with Go IDE.35.

Learn Vue.js.36.

Learn Bootstrap with Bootstrap IDE.37.

Learn CoffeeScript with CoffeeScript IDE.38.

Learn Drupal 8 and WordPress 4.6 with Drupal 8 IDE.39.

Learn JQuery with jQuery IDE.40.

Learn Nginx with Nginx IDE.41.

Learn WordPress 4 with WordPress 4 IDE.42.

Learn Google Docs with Google Docsis IDE.43.

Learn TypeScript with TypeScript IDE and documentation.44.

Learn Git with Git IDE.45.

Learn Symfony and WordPress with Symfonic IDE.46.

Learn C++ with C++ IDE.47.

Learn Eclipse with Eclipse IDE.48.

Learn SQL Server with SQL Server IDE.49.

Learn Visual Studio with Visual Studio IDE.50.

Learn Meteor with Meteor IDE.51.

Learn Flask with Flask IDE.52.

Learn OCaml with OCamlfish IDE.53.

Learn Racket with Racket IDE.54.

Learn Java with Java IDE.55.

Learn Javascript with Javascript IDE.56.

Learn Xamarin with Xamara IDE.57.

Learn Elixir with Elixir IDE.58.

Learn Ember.js and Node with Ember IDE.59.

Learn Atom with Atom IDE.60.

Learn F# with F# IDE.61.

Learn Yarn with Yarn IDE.62.

Learn .NET Core.63.

Learn Spring Boot with Spring Boot IDE.64.

Learn Rails with Ruby Rails IDE and official docs65.

Learn Docker with Docker IDE.66.

Learn Jenkins with Jenkins IDE.67.

Learn PowerShell with PowerShell IDE.68.

Learn PEAR with PEAR IDE.69.

Learn Scala with Scala IDE.70.

Learn AWS Lambda

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