A History of Software Source The American Heritage title The Rise of Software Engineering from the Ancient Greeks to the Industrial Revolution

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The rise of software engineering in the United States is almost universally acknowledged to have occurred in the late 19th century, but little attention has been paid to the era that saw the emergence of the software profession.

While the first generation of software engineers was largely drawn from the university, this period saw the rise of a number of well-known companies that made significant contributions to the development of new technologies.

Among them were Microsoft, General Electric, IBM, and Xerox.

Many of these companies have been largely forgotten today, but it is the rise and development of a few notable companies that have remained in the public eye and deserve to be explored in depth.

Microsoft began as a computer manufacturer in 1932 and became the first major software company to have its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and was a founding member of the International Association for the Advancement of Science (IAAS).

The first of the company’s founding engineers was Arthur Levinson, who joined the company in 1936.

He became a leader in the development and application of computer software, and by 1945 the company had a market cap of more than $2 billion.

By the time Levinson left the company, the company was worth $20 billion.

Levinson and the company began to invest in research and development, and in 1954 the company launched the world’s first general-purpose personal computer.

The software business that became Microsoft was built around its first commercial release, Windows, which was released in 1952.

Microsoft’s success in the industry was largely due to the success of the new operating system, and the software industry in general.

The new operating systems became the foundation for many of the first personal computers, including the Apple II and the Apple Macintosh.

The Apple II, introduced in 1978, became the standard for personal computers in the early 1990s, and while the Mac remains the standard operating system for most computer users, it has since become a very popular computer system.

The development of the personal computer was, in turn, driven by the work of the great computer scientist, Paul Allen, who became the CEO of Microsoft in 1975.

Allen was also one of the founders of Intel and had his own successful software company, Applied Materials, which became one of Microsoft’s largest customers.

The first personal computer with Intel processors, the first computer with a CD-ROM drive, the original Commodore 64, the Apple I and the Atari 2600 all were built by Microsoft.

Microsoft also created the first commercial software development environment (SDLE) for the Windows operating system in 1984, and it was in this environment that Microsoft began to make the software it was building popular with the public.

However, the next generation of computer users would not be able to use the products that Microsoft was building until the late 1980s.

As the 1990s wore on, Microsoft had to make a major change in its business model and its approach to software development.

The company’s goal in 1990 was to build a new software product that would replace the legacy software that it had been producing for over a decade.

The original goal was to produce a product that had a clear, uniform interface that could be used across a variety of platforms, and a system that was capable of running on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Microsoft did this by building a new product, called the Windows CE, that was intended to replace the existing Microsoft products.

The idea behind the CE was to create a system in which a single operating system could run on multiple computers, and these systems would then share information, including programs, memory, disk space, and so on.

The Windows CE was intended for use on a wide variety of different platforms, but the most popular platform was the Windows XP platform, which could run most of the operating systems available at the time.

The Microsoft team did not expect that the new system would be popular with its customers, and they wanted to ensure that the Windows software was as usable as possible.

The key feature of the Windows system that Microsoft developed was a program that was designed to be run by the user.

This program was called the “desktop,” and it could be installed on any computer running Windows.

In order to provide this capability, Microsoft created a system called the Universal Windows Platform, or UEP.

UEP, which stands for “Universal Windows Platform” was an attempt to develop a system capable of operating on many different operating systems simultaneously, and Microsoft wanted to build it into a single system that would be used by many different users.

The UEP had many limitations, including a requirement that the operating system had to be installed by a user, which would create a bit of a security problem for users.

As a result, Microsoft decided to develop an operating system that could run both Windows and Windows XP.

The design of Windows XP was not the only aspect of Windows that had major problems.

The operating system also had many problems.

Windows XP had several major

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